Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my baby brother!!! I hope you're having a great time in Alaska!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Videos of Riley

As I mentioned in a previous post Riley is now a sitter! Here is a short video of him showing off his new skill.

He was laughing up a storm until I got the camera out, I think it distracted him. I managed to get a little laugh out of him though.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Here are some funny things Tyler has said lately:

Tyler: I have a penny in my mouth.
Matt: Don’t put money in your mouth. Take it out and give it to me.
Tyler: I can’t it’s far away. (As he’s pointing to his tummy.)
Matt: Did you swallow it?
Tyler: I eat it!

One morning I was nursing Riley in my bed when Tyler came in to find out if it was 'morning time' yet (if he wakes up before Matt leaves for work at 6:30, Matt tells him he has to go back to bed because it's not morning yet). Riley stopped nursing as soon as he heard Tyler and rolled over to look at him. After saying hi to Riley, Tyler looked at me and said, "He's done mommy, put it away."

He learned the meaning of the word borrow the other day, or so I thought. I realized he didn't quite get it when he asked me, "Mommy I borrow some you drink?" Not exactly something I want back!

This is what happens when your 2 1/2 year old says he's done going potty and you tell him you'll come wipe him in a minute.

Some of Tyler's favorite things:
- Playing with Play-doh.
- Pumpkin Pie
- Disney's version of The Three Muskateers
-Getting his back rubbed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Now that Riley is 5 ½ months old he does a lot more than just eat, sleep and poop. Here are some fun facts about Riley:

- He likes to sleep on his side. I always lay him down on his back and he immediately rolls onto his side, even when he’s fast asleep!

- About a month ago he found his feet and he can’t get enough of them! He loves to suck on his toes and show off how flexible he is.

- He is a rolling machine! Although if you want him to stay in one place just pull out the camera and try to video tape him rolling!

- He likes to hear himself make noise and will ‘talk’ your ear off already!

- I haven’t figured out if he’s going to be a thumb sucker or a pacifier kid, he doesn’t have a strong preference yet.

- He was a kicker in the womb and he is still kicking! All you have to do is put your hand against his feet to get him to start kicking.

- He likes to make diaper changes interesting and must think mommy enjoys a challenge! As soon as I get his diaper off he will do one of three things: grab both of his feet, try to roll over, or reach his hand down to grab his pee-pee! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wipe cream off his fingers!

- He tries to grab everything he sees.

- Yesterday he sat up all by himself for the first time! He sits really well, but falls over when he reaches for a toy.

- He thinks Tyler is the most fascinating thing in the world!

- He has the biggest smile and flashes it regularly. He’s going to break some hearts with that smile some day!

- He’s ticklish and has the cutest laugh!

- He loves to play peak-a-boo! He likes to sit on our laps, facing us, then he’ll fold himself in half and wait for us to say, “Where’s Riley?”. Once we do he sits up and gives us a big smile! I tried video taping him and Matt playing, and of course he stopped as soon as the camera came on!

My chuncky little monkey!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving!

If you follow my blog you already know I got a bread maker for Christmas from my wonderful husband! I LOVE it!!! It’s amazing, all I have to do to get home made bread is put the ingredients into the machine, push a couple of buttons, then I’m free to do whatever I want for about 3 hours until the machine beeps and I take my fresh, warm loaf out and enjoy! It’s so easy that I make a loaf almost every day! We’ve enjoyed pumpkin bread, maple bread (3 times, it’s one of my favorites so far), corn bread (twice, easily my second favorite) French bread, zucchini bread, peach bread, and honey-banana wheat bread. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of the recipe book that came with the machine! I also have a crock pot which I’ve been enjoying since Matt and I got married. Who knew that the best companion for a crock pot is a bread maker? Chili and soups are always better with home made bread! I love nights when dinner is taken care of by both machines! I either get to sit and relax while dinner is being made, or I’ll go for a walk. So far the only down side to my new toy is it’s making the last ten pounds of baby weight harder to loose! Oh well, it’s a small price to pay! I keep meaning to take a picture of one of the loaves, but warm bread is the best and by the time I remember to grab my camera half the loaf is gone!

Tyler likes to sit on the counter while I'm adding the ingredients. He'll ask me what each one is and then say each ingredient is his favorite. An example, "Yeast is my favorite!"

Checking on the bread.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

BCS Championship Game

Let me start this post off by making one thing clear: I am not a Gator fan. However, I am a fan of college football and was excited to watch the BCS Championship game on Thursday. We had a bunch of people over to watch the game, and as you can see 98% of our friends are Gator fans. Ben and Diana mixed things up and came in Oklahoma shirts. I was just hoping it would be a close game, blow-outs are so boring. It was a good game, and I think Gator Nation is still celebrating!

The crew.

The Gators tiniest cheerleader!

Riley checking out Shilo!

I wonder who they wanted to win?

A quick picture during half time!

Matt was 'resting' his eyes during the 3rd quarter. The funny thing about this picture is that Tyler is actually awake!

I may not be a Gator fan, but I still think Tyler is super cute doing the Gator cheer. Matt taught him this just so he could do it at the party!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lindsey's Blog

Check out my friend Lindsey's blog to see pictures from our most recent movie night and Vanessa's surprise baby shower (just look at her blog archive list for those titles). I don't have pictures from those events, but luckily Lindsey was on top of things with her camera! Her blog address is (or just look for Jonathon and Lindsey under my blog list).

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2009! Where did 2008 go? We spent the end of 2008 at the Gaertner's home. They threw a great party! We hung out and talked and ate until it was time to count down the end of the year. I almost missed the count down because the clock in the room I was in was slow and it showed 11:55, so I went to the bathroom. When I got to the living room the count down had just started! After midnight we all went outside and lit sparklers and watched fireworks. Tyler loved the fireworks! Once the fireworks were over it was back inside for karaoke, a must at any Gaertner party! By 1:15 you would think Tyler would have been passed out, or at least wearing out, but no he was still going strong jumping on the trampoline! My little party animal! It was a great way to celebrate the start of a new year!

Shilo, me, Lindsey and Vanessa.

It was a cold night!

The guys doing the YMCA!

Jonathan, Matt, Borja and Vanessa's dad.

We sang Dancing Queen, let's just say I didn't know who Abba was!

Tyler and Spencer wanted to wear the hats too!