Friday, April 30, 2010

A trip to Naples.

The boys and I got to go to Naples for a couple of days to visit our friends, the Rosen family. It was fun hanging out with them again and the boys loved having friends to play with 24/7! We had a great time! Thanks for everything Manda!

The crew. It's really hard to get 4 boys to sit still for a picture!

Manda is super creative and came up with this 'map game' for the boys to play. They each got a map of the US which they colored first, then she would ask them to find a certain state by looking for the letter it began with. Once they found the state they each got to put a star sticker on it. They found all the states that the boys family and friends lived in. The boys loved it! Here they are with their maps.

Riley colored during the map game. I guess the boys were too loud for him!

The beaches in Naples are definitely nicer than Daytona! It seems like there are more shells on the beach than sand!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Has it really been 4 years?!?

The answer is yes! Tyler's birthday was March 28th. To celebrate we took him to see 'How To Train Your Dragon' and told him he could invite some friends. When I asked him who he wanted to invite he named every person he knows! He ended up having 4 friends come, which was a fun coincidence since it was his 4th birthday! His birthday landed on a Sunday so we saw the movie the day before and saved cake and presents for the next day. Tyler was one happy birthday boy! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate!

Jon, Tyler, Eddie and Gregory ready for the movie!

The movie was in 3D, but only Eddie kept his glasses on the whole time!

Tyler with all his friends.

Helping to make his cake.

He wanted a Transformers theme, and Bumble Bee is his favorite!

Ready to open his presents!

Thanks for decorating his cake Lindsey!

One of my favorite pictures!