Saturday, November 28, 2009

My quirky kid!

Tyler has recently started to find his sense of humor. His new favorite phrase is, "That was just a joke!" He thinks it's really funny to put his clothes on wrong when I ask him to get dressed. Then with a little laugh he will ask me if his clothes are on right. Here are a few examples:

He also likes to keep things interesting when he watches TV:

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I'm finally posting Halloween pictures! Tyler was really excited about Halloween this year. He loved picking his costume out, and finally found one he liked after trying on six! He settled on Wolverine even though he's never seen X-Men! One advantage of having two boys is that I got to recycle one of Tyler's old costumes, and Riley was a puppy. The first time Riley saw himself in his costume he was fascinated with his reflection and spent about ten minutes staring and pointing at himself in the mirror. Unfortunately the magic wore off before we took pictures! I think Riley was just annoyed by the costume most of the night and it was off before we were done trick-or-treating. Riley didn't really get the whole trick-or-treating thing and only made it to a couple of houses. Tyler on the other hand remembered last year and wanted to run to every house. Since his bucket was small we brought a larger bag to dump his candy in once the bucket filled up. Tyler thought he had to empty his bucket after every house, so he would come running back to us yelling, "Daddy, Daddy look what I got!" He would show Matt one piece at a time and say who the candy was for. All the suckers were for Tyler, and any chocolate candy pieces were for Daddy! I think Tyler noticed he wasn't getting very many suckers, so after the first couple of houses he started following "trick-or-treat" with "Do you have any suckers?" We went with his friend, Greg, from church and the boys had a really fun night!

My little puppy!

Wolverine showing his claws!

My boys!

Riley was always the last one to the door...

...and Tyler was always the first!

Daddy had to help Riley so he could get to the door before all the kids left!