Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uncle Clif

Tyler is at the age where things have one name, and one name only. He can only be called Tyler, Riley can only be called Riley, I think you get the idea. If I try to call him something else he immediately corrects me, and then says, "Say Tyler" until I do! With that said, here is a funny little story. One afternoon my dad was in the bathroom when my mom wanted in. When she asked him, by name, to open the door Tyler heard her and came running, all excited that uncle Clif was there. Well my dad and my brother have the same name, so you can imaging his confusion when my dad opened the door. Tyler turns to my mom and says, "Granny that not uncle Clif, that Grandpa!"

Even though my brother doesn't live with my parents, Tyler would still walk around their house in the mornings calling out, "Uncle Clif, are you?". He didn't get to stay at Clif's house this trip, but I'm sure it will be his favorite place to stay when he gets older!

Looking in the back yard for the football the dog stole.

Tyler found it!

I really like this picture of them.

Another person Tyler now has to share!

Aunt Terri

Tyler and his aunt Terri have a true love, hate relationship. Meaning that Terri either loves him or hates him! For those of you who don't know, my sister is handicap and is basically a big kid herself. It's almost like having two 2-year olds together, only one is much bigger than the other! Terri is also obsessive compulsive, especially when it comes to her room. As you can imagine that doesn't mix well with a 2 year old that wants to get into everything! When Tyler takes her stuff without asking, rearranges her room, and plays with her things longer than she wants him to (then refuses to give whatever he has back), she isn’t his biggest fan! She always ends up forgiving him though, and then they are back to being buddies. When they get along they play great together, and make the cutest pair! She really does love being an aunt, and he really loves her!

They watched TV together every morning!

Taking Tyler for a ride!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fishing fun!

Tyler's uncles decided to take him on his first fishing trip. He was so excited, even though I don't think he really knew what fishing was. I was worried that he would get bored with it before anyone caught anything, but Tyler got a bite within five minutes of casting his reel (with help of course)! It's a good thing he had beginners luck on his side because he was the only one who caught a fish. It was a fun trip!

The lake we fished at.

He liked poking the worms...

...but refused to hold one!

Making sure Uncle Daniel gets the worm on the hook right.

Fishing is serious business!

Tyler and Uncle Daniel

Tyler's first fish!

He didn't want the fish near him!

Tyler and Uncle Clif


I finally got some pictures of the boys together. It's taken a while, every time they were together and I'd get my camera out, Tyler would run away! I have discovered that Tyler is the most loving towards Riley, and the most cooperative, in the morning. It's like he misses Riley after not seeing him all night!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The sweetest thing!

There is nothing sweeter than sleeping babies, especially when they sleep at the same time!

Home again...

The boys and I just got home, we spent the last 2 1/2 weeks in WV visiting my family. We had a great time! I have a ton of pictures from the trip that I want to post, but because there are so many it's going to take me a while to get them up. Most of my upcoming posts will be from our trip.

The many faces of Riley...

I’m definitely in the new mom phase, every time I look at Riley I want to capture that moment with my camera. So I have a million pictures of Riley already and he’s not even two months old yet! I don’t think you can ever have too many pictures though. Here are some of my favorites.