Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Oedipus!

Matt and I went to the temple on Saturday and when we got home Tyler excitedly asked us if we got married. (A verse from the "Family" song talks about being married in God's temple.) Later that night the boys were looking at some of our wedding pictures when Tyler and I had the following conversation:

Tyler: "When I get bigger I'm going to marry you in the temple mommy."
Me: "Or maybe you will meet a nice girl to marry in the temple."
Tyler: "No I'm going to marry you mommy because I just love you."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Christmas

The holidays were a bit of a whirlwind for me this year, I started working full time 2 weeks before Christmas. My mom flew in to help watch the boys which was a huge help! I never got around to making my traditional Christmas plates, but I did send out cards, even though most people got theirs late! My dad and sister were planning on driving down to celebrate with us, but when an emergency came up at work my dad wasn't able to get away. We still had a full house though with my mom, Matt's mom and Mel here. This is the first year that Tyler really got the concept of Santa and he was so excited when he saw all the presents under the tree Christmas morning. He credited Santa with bringing all his presents though, and would correct anyone who tried to tell him a present was from an aunt or a grandparent. He would adamantly inform us, "No all my presents are from Santa!" Once again it took us several hours to finish opening presents. Last year it was because Tyler wanted to play with his toys as he opened them. Unfortunately this year it was because Tyler was sick. He was really excited when he woke up, but after opening two presents he laid on the couch and told us he was tired of opening presents. A few minutes later he was in the bathroom throwing up. He wanted a hug after he was sick, so I was sitting on the bathroom floor holding him when he threw up down my back! Then when he stood up he threw up again right in my lap. Needless to say we took a break from present opening so I could change and Tyler could lay down until he felt better. I don't know what he had, but by late morning he was feeling better and enjoyed opening the rest of his presents. I doubt Riley really knew what was going on, but we dressed him up in a little Santa suit and had him hand out presents. He liked opening his and insisted on throwing each piece of wrapping paper away as he tore it off, another reason it took us so long to open presents! The boys were thoroughly spoiled! They were not the only ones. A few of my presents couldn't be wrapped. Matt finished the railing on our stairs so we could hang stockings, and painted two of the walls in our living room (thanks to Mel and Deb for pitching in on that!) so we could hang pictures! I also got my couches professionally cleaned and they look brand new (thanks mom!). Matt got one of his favorite movies for Christmas so after dinner he and the boys had a movie night while we ladies went out for a girls night. It was a great Christmas!
Our finished railing!

The tree on Christmas morning before the insanity began!

The boys in their Christmas pj's.

Inspecting his stocking.

Love that smile!

Cuddling up with Granny Deb and Aunt Mel.

The newest addition to Tyler's Hess collection, from Grandpa Don.

Deb and Mel.

Feeling much better!

Apparently Matt and my mom took all the pictures Christmas morning because I couldn't find any pictures of them!